A Day in a Missionary’s Life

a day in a life

My day in Ghana starts at 6:30 a.m. with Mass in our chapel followed by breakfast. I then have a 40- to 50- minute commute by tro tro which is a 12- to 15-passenger public transportation van shared by people, goats, chickens and anything else the mate can cram into the van. I enjoy the ride out to the former refugee camp, especially now during the rainy season; everything is so green, lush, and the temperatures are nice and cool.

When I arrive on camp I visit people I know who need a friend, like “Mom” who is elderly and lives alone. I also check on my kids who are sick, as well as my friend Mohamed, a former boy soldier.

a day in a life

From there I head to Point Hope School and greet each child and see how they are doing that day. Breakfast comes around 9 a.m. and I help feed the little ones. After breakfast I start therapy on the ones that need it until lunch. I help feed lunch and greet any late comers for that day. After lunch I go into the community and check blood pressures on some of the elderly and pay them a visit. From there I go back to the school for more therapy. Throughout the day there are many interruptions, people coming in needing food, medicine, school fees— just about anything.

My day ends around 3 p.m., a commute back to Winneba, and a 3-mile walk to my house.

I love my life here in Ghana and I encourage anyone who is thinking of a vocation to this way of life to stay open to the Lord’s call, and you will be so glad you did. I have never been happier.

Joe Worthington, SMA Lay Missionary