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The SMA (Societas Missionum ad Afros) is an international Society of Catholic (Priest and Lay) Missionaries who come from around the world and are dedicated to the spread of the Gospel in Africa and among African people. The SMA missionaries have been present in Africa since 1856.

The American Province began in 1906 and has a mission presence in the Archdioceses of Newark (NJ), Washington (DC) and Boston (MA).

SMA Fathers Provincial Assembly elected New Leadership

The delegates have chosen today the new leadership for the American Province. The new Leadership team will make sure the unity of the members and the missionary activities of the province here in the USA, and abroad for the next six years.
This new team reflects the international nature of the SMA. They will bring us together members, young and old. Our common response to the call of the Spirit unites all the members, making our ideal of life the proclamation of the Good News to the poor.
They are Fr. Anbu Kumar, provincial superior; Fr. Dermot Roache, vice-provincial; and Fr. Richard Angolio, councilor.New Administration (4)
Interview with Fr. Maria Joseph Paramandham, SMA.
Fr. Maria Joseph Paramandham, SMA, from India, tells us about the Mission in Niger click here.