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Meaning of an African Mask – Ivory Coast

Mask Meaning - Ivory Coast

Robert Koenig and members of the African Ivorian dance company of Yahayaha Koumate explain the meaning of an African mask…

The Tall Mask – Ivory Coast

African Festival 2012: Côte d'Ivoire

A member of the African Ivorian dance company of Yahayaha Koumate was performing the mask kwuya gblen-gbe ‘the tall mask’, the mask with stilts. He obviously was not dancing in his village in Ivory Coast for his fellow initiates in the men’s secret kono society…

Guide to Collections – Volume I, The SMA African Art Museum. (eBook)

Guide to Collections - Volume I

The first in the series – I. The West Guinea Coast: Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Guinea and Guinea Bissau, – is now on the web site and will be available in hard copy in July, 2012…

African Sculpture from the Collection of the Society of African Missions. SMA Fathers, 1980. (eBook)

African Sculpture from the Collection

At first thought Museums and Missionaries seem an unlikely combination. The latter’s other activities and divergent interests would seem to leave them little time either to appreciate or collect the art objects of other cultures.
It must be admitted that until the end of the 19th century and even into this century many Christian missionaries regarded the peoples and cultures among whom they worked as inferior to those of the West…

Michel Leiris and Jacqueline Delange. African Art and European Artists.

Charles Bordogna.A Cultural Heritage through Arts.

Robert J. Koenig. Beauty and the Beasts: Kifwebe Masks of the Songye, Luba and Related People.

Ibeji Twin Children

Gelede Masks, To Protect Man from Witches

The Legend of Chi Wara

Akua Ba The Fertility Dolls

Robert Farris Thompson. Bondu Mask – Learning from Beauty.

Beaded Artistry

Thimothy F.Garrand. The Ivoirian Beads.

The Black Stool Symbol of Power

The Artistry of Traditional African Sculpture

The Legacy of African Arts

William Siegman. The African Art.

Fr. Thomas Wright. The SMA Fathers and the Museum of African Art.