Economics and Peace

VIOLENCE AND CELL PHONES? Aren’t cell phones great?  Today’s electronics and other products have wonderful capabilities, but also require some fairly rare components to accomplish what they do.  Certain minerals such as cobalt, tungsten, tantalum and others are not as abundant around the world as iron, copper, or lead, but they are vital to some […]


Mansions and Mining On February 3, 2017, just two weeks into the new U.S. Administration, the Senate joined the House (in H.J. Res. 41) to revoke Section 1504 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.  The Dodd-Frank Act was a very large piece of legislation passed after the “Great Recession” that occurred […]

JPIC: Introduction

Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation:  What and why? The Catholic Church has a long tradition of Catholic Social Teaching.  Its roots go back to the Old Testament prophets, and reached a pinnacle with Jesus himself.  But as a collection of teachings, it was formally developed in modern times by the Popes and Bishops beginning […]